Creators & Collaborators

Szymon Brzóska

was born in Poznań, Poland in 1981. His work explores synergy between music, movement, and image. Composer’s particular interest has led him to participate in many collaborative projects across various art forms. His musical language can be placed somewhere between contemporary avant-garde and expanded tonality with a touch of minimalism, yet is deeply rooted in the very tradition of the classical music. Through his music, Szymon creates a world of diverse colours, specific atmospheres, intimate and personal emotions and conditions of the mind. Next to his autonomous work, Szymon Brzóska has an established career in creating music for dance. He worked with many award-winning choreographers (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, David Dawson, Maria Pages, Vladimir Malakhov), acclaimed orchestras (Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden, Holland Symfonia) and reputable dance companies (Het Nationale Ballet, Semperoper Ballett, Cedar Lake Company, Eastman). His compositions have been performed many times over in numerous prestigious dance venues and festivals across the world, such as Sydney Opera House, the Avignon Festival, and BAM New York, to name a few.

Loran Delforge

born in 1982, is a composer and a musician, based today in Brussels. In 2008, he finished a Master of Composition in the electroacoustic music class of Annette Vandegorne at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, where he currently teaches electro-acoustic instrumentation. Interested in different forms of musical expressions, his creative fields range from purely acousmatic music, written on support, to improvised instrumental music, from classical contemporary music to modern popular music. Collaborating with many artists and musicians in different formations or projects, he continually strives to mix all these broad influences in order to enrich his musical language. The various facets of his work as a composer have for many years met the interest of many choreographers and visual artists in the world. His music and live performances have been programmed for many years at numerous festivals and concerts throughout Europe and throughout the world (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Tokyo, Paris, London, Montreal…). He is the founder of the European sound creation studio Hear | Now. He produces several records under different pseudonyms in Europe and the United States.

Yannick Jacquet

was born in Geneva in 1980, he lives and works in Brussels. Media & plastic art artist, his work was presented at Contemporary art events, museums & galleries, in Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Brussels, Montreal and Taiwan. He has received awards at the Milan Design Week and the collector’s prize at Brussels Slick Art Fair. He is one of the founders of the Antivj visual label. His process of visual creation draws on structural elements as disparate as the architecture of the Centre Pompidou-Metz and a piece for a Ravel string quartet. While the precise stratagem may vary, from the spectacular to the intimate, each undertaking is always rooted in the concept of resilience.

The installation Mécaniques Discursives, created in 2013 in collaboration with the artist and engraver Fred Penelle, is something of an artist’s manifesto. Yannick Jacquet developed a subtle kinesthetic method that strips the viewer of his conditioning via an immersive process. 2016 has seen the creation of the generative work Flow on a floating building at the foot of the Alexandre III bridge in Paris. Jacquet’s twofold research into color and the notions of time and natural cycles has led him to flesh out a new paradigm: slowness. Slowness as one possible path to the urgently needed restoration of sensibility. He has collaborated with the Compagnie José Besprosvany for the projects Oedipe & Espejo.

Bert Menzel

is a costume designer who was born in 1963 in Essen, Germany. From 1984 to 1989, he took classes in sewing, design, and model-making in Düsseldorf, and then studied costume-making in Cologne. He went on to manage costume design at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, creating costumes in collaboration with directors and designers and coming into contact with multiple artists of note. While working at the Monnaie from 1996 to 2002, Menzel completed graphical and pictorial studies at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, specializing in design and sculpture and attending numerous related workshops. In 1999, he participated in a costume-design workshop at the Salzburg Festival, which focused on opera, theater, and classical music. He has worked on film and TV productions, including with the Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael, on his film Mr. Nobody (2009), in addition to designing costumes for numerous dance and circus performances and theater plays, some aimed at young audiences. Bert enjoys creating clothing and fashion collections as a stylist and designer. In 2009, he joined the Compagnie José Besprosvany to work on Inventions, Prométhée enchainé, Dobles, Oedipe and Antigone.