INFINITY (7 minutes)
Concept: José Besprosvany
The expected performers are:
Ron Oppenheimer
Tim Kriegler
And a third interpreter, specializing in acrobatics and hoop diving, to be determined.

An IDEA asbl project.

We are looking for investors to produce the act.

INFINITY is an innovative and virtuoso circus act for three high-level circus artists who manipulate an apparatus designed by choreographer and director José Besprosvany.

The 4-meter object is in the shape of the infinity symbol and was made by Willy Cawardier – La Chose, a manufacturer of Cyr wheels.

It presents new possibilities in circus creation. Using various circus techniques, such as a Chinese pole, pendulum pole, straps, balances, acrobatics, and hoop diving, a new, original 7-minute number will be created.

Photo credits Thomas Brandenbourger

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